Monday, 29 October 2012

Who ate all the (pumpkin) pies?

 Pumpkin is now fattened up...

(with a stuffed belly!)

and the Sylvanians are off to the post office to meet Farrah and Hettie....

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Boo! Hallowe'en Sylvanians..

Admire the spooky mist (light in the camera:(  - it was too sunny)


And today - boo!!

The Sylvanians are dressed to scare

in witches' and wizards' hats -

and cloaks -

plus a jester in his special hat -

and a rather skinny pumpkin -

all made in felt and stuck with fabric glue and taken from patterns in the Sylvanian Collectors' Club magazine

Backgrounds all Illustrations by Petr Kratochvil

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Daisy's Trip to Mallorca

Lucky Daisy has been on holiday with Farrah and Hettie!

Farrah's design for a Sylvanian Carnival Queen

Nana and Farrah have made a Carnival Queen outfit from Farrah's design.

First of all Farrah chose some gold silk, and burgundy silk, layered together under gold net, then the hem was decorated with black and red sequins.

The top of the skirt has burgundy and gold ribbon. Gold elastic was threaded through the skirt to gather it up.

The burgundy ribbon was also used for the top which was decorated with gold beads.

Finally our beautiful Carnival Queen  has a crown made from gold ribbon decorated with the same beads as the ones used for the hem.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tutti Frutti

We are now on a fruit and vegetable theme!

We have a Strawberry Sylvanian so far in fruit and a Carrot and a Pea Pod in vegetables.

Quite challenging!!

I have learned how to make a onesie but they are a bit low necked so the next batch will have higher necks...

These are all made in felt.

Also - a very low necked and baggy swim suit - work needed on these...

Thanksgiving 2 vid Anja Bier
Forest fruit vid Petr Kratochvil
Vegetabiliska blandning vid Jiri Hodan
Swimming at Sunset Marina Shemesh

Wednesday, 25 April 2012



I used a baby gro pattern to make a black felt onesie and added yellow felt stripes...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

NEW - the sensational "HIVE"

featuring at the  moment "BEE CAT"

for this outfit I used scaled down patterns for baby clothes for the hat, top and trousers, with felt trim and felt antennae..
Honeycomb Petr Kratochvil

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Brides and Fairy Wings

Wedding days and fairy babies...

Removable wings mean these little flower girls can be used as fairies as well...
These were all made by gathering ribbons after neatening the cut ends and making a running stitch waistband and threading the elastic through it.

The wings are made by folding ribbon and gathering it.

Monday, 9 April 2012

A big cocktail celebration and fun in the snow....

A Little Visit

 Great news!!

Farrah and Hettie have come to visit Nana's Sylvanian Workshop. 

So today on Easter Monday 9/4/12 at 2.25 p.m. Farrah is helping Nana to make the blog. she is telling Nana what to write.

Yesterday when they saw all Nana's Sylvanian things, Farrah and Hettie were very excited and amazed.

There is a fashion shop, with a pretty tree outside. Inside there are lots of clothes on little hangers and a mirror so the Sylvanians can try on any clothes they like.

Then they can pay  for them at a the till.

There is also  a shoe shop which is full of fantastic and brilliant footwear.

There are baby shoes, sports shoes, grown up shoes, and even some lovely at home shoes.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Sylvanians have some Visitors

Look who dropped in to see the Sylvanians! Auntie Emily's monkeys with their new red sweaters!

Mmm maybe some Sylvanians would like sweaters like these.....

Monday, 19 March 2012

Fancy Dress - Sylvanian Bear Sister/Brother in a Cat Outfit

 You can buy super cute Sylvanians in fancy dress...

There is something very strange and very appealing about Sylvanian cats dressed up as a chick and a rabbit...

However, Farrah wants a cat fancy dress outfit so Nana has spent quite a bit of time working out how to do this....

And voilĂ ! We have a - slightly scary*? - cat outfit worn by a bear...

* yes scary - my daughter (grand-daughters' mummy) says the cat looks like a serial killer lol

The cat face mask is stitched onto a hood which can be worn up or down

I could not work out how to make a kind of hooded romper suit all in one,so it has ended up as a hood, which can be worn fastened at the back as shown or at the front as a kind of scarf.

It is worn over a jacket which was cut all in one including the sleeves,

then there are little pull on elasticated waist trousers with an added tail.

I will probably try again to make an all in one now I have had a go! I have found some baby all in one patterns so may try to scale those down.
I used fabric glue for the felt applique and embroidery silk for the features.

I used this fabulous pattern from and adapted it for a cat suit, re-drawing the sleeves to make them wider and shorter.
The cat suit is for a sister/brother so it was very small to work with .
The all in one sleeves took several goes as they were very tight at first - so I might go back to separate sleeves next time,  or try a very wide all in one sleeve - I widened it several times on the pattern  but may try flaring them out more...
Sewing this outfit  was not helped as the fabric was quite bad for fraying (and I had not used fray check as I did not find this out until it was too late :(). Also it was cut on the bias so I thought there would be enough give in the fabric... 
I tried a tip I found on a doll dress making site that suggests using kitchen roll to cut out templates and fit them on to the figures before cutting out the material - this was great except the kitchen roll was fray proof and the fabric wasn't-  still I will know next time...:) 
The fraying was also a problem for the cuffs as I just could not stitch inside the hems so they are blanket stitched a bit scruffily... however I am living and learning!

Party Balloons by Petr Kratochvil